Close Encounter

Posted: December 13, 2009 in Uncategorized
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From the huge spiral of light over scandinavia to the pyramid photographed floating over Moscow, UFO sightings are once again all over the news.  Humans have been spotting unidentified flying objects since long before we developed our own modern flying machines.  These objects have been documented in both written accounts and in artwork from the bible to the vedas to the zulu legends to the native american tales of star brothers.  There are even accounts of what some would consider to be aliens by the first culture we know of on earth to practice writing, the Sumerians. They were known for inscribing numerous clay tablets. Some of these tablets contain accounts of the Annunaki , those who to earth from the heavens came.  Yet today many are still labeled as mad or delusional when they come forward with accounts of having seen a UFO.

"The Madonna with Saint Giovannino" by Domenico Ghirlandaio


Every year more and more people come forward to testify that they have indeed witnessed a UFO.  Prominent people such as astronaut Gordon Cooper are coming forward to tell us what they have seen.  These accounts along with the accounts of whistle blowers like Bob Dean, who worked inside Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe, need to be examined.  It is time to start taking more than a few of these accounts seriously.  

UFOs have been studied for some time now by governments internationally.  We need to ask why are these governments and governmental agencies are not disclosing this information.  It is time for the governments of the world to come forward and tell us what they know about this phenomenon.

I have personally seen a UFO in broad daylight.  There was no mistaking what I saw for swamp gas or a weather balloon as it did not light up and it was moving slowly against the wind, then hovering, then moving slowly again.  I was not alone when I saw this UFO there were nearly 40 or so other witnesses to the clearly silvery metal sphere moving casually along at high altitude .  I have my own theories as to what it was, as I am sure everyone who witnessed it does.  However theories are not facts.  It is facts I am looking for, facts we are all entitled to.  We pay for our governments they should work for us, which is why I call upon all people of the world to demand that their governments and space agencies disclose the information they are hiding on UFOs.


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